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  1. P.Borkowski, M.A.Kłopotek, B.Starosta, S.Wierzchoń, M.Sydow "Eigenvalue based spectral classification" PLOS-ONE, (to appear)
  2. K.Baraniak, M.Sydow "On Multitask Hierarchical BERT Base Neural Network for Multi-label Persuasion Techniques Detection" SemEval23, (to appear in 2023)
  3. 2021:
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  6. W.Stankiewicz, K.Baraniak, M.Sydow "Bias detection in Wikipedia articles. A study on Polish and English Datasets" Accepted for the WI-IAT 2021 conference, in preparation. (the WNC-pl dataset will be available under link here when the paper is published)
  7. 2020:
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  9. 2018:
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  12. 2017:
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  15. 2016:
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  19. 2015:
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  23. 2014:
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  32. 2013:
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  41. 2012:
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  55. 2009:
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  68. 2007:
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  74. 2006:
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