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General Research Areas: information retrieval, web mining, search engines, algorithms, computational intelligence, natural language processing, applications of mathematics in information technology and computer science

Particular Topics of Interest: diversification in search, semantic search, RDF-graph summarisation, query suggestion, link-based ranking algorithms, automatic web spam detection, web crawling, computational advertising, query log analysis, web graph analysis, text classification and reference matching in highly inflective languages.

Selected Research Stays:
> Yahoo! Research Barcelona (Data Mining Group), topic: "Topical Query Decomposition", autumn 2008
> MPII (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbruecken), D5 (Databases and Information Systems Department), Prof. Gerhard Weikum, topic: "Semantic Search", spring 2009
> MPII (D5, Prof. G. Weikum), topic: "Semantic RDF-graph Summarisation", summer 2010
> MPII (D5, Prof. G. Weikum), topic: "Similar entity search in Semantic Graphs", March 2013
> Big Data Institute, Dalhousie University, Canada, topic: "Applications of Diversity in Web Search", June 2014
> School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide, Australia, topic: "Diversity in Graph Matching and Service Recommendation", September 2014

Participation in Research Projects:
> NEKST (EU funded, at ICS PAS, since 2010), intelligent search engine for Polish
> SidSis (Polish State grant no: N N516 443038, at ICS PAS, since 2010), social network analysis
> uTrust (Polish State grant no: N N516 4307 33, at PJIIT, 2008-2010), trust management

Own research projects in collaboration with industry and other institutes:
title/topic:grant/yearcollaboration with:
"DISQUSS" (at ICS PAS, Polish NSC grant, ongoing)2013-2015Yahoo! Research Barcelona
"DIVERSUM" (Polish National Science Centre grant)N516 481940MPII, Saarbruecken
Intelligent WWW content prediction ST/SI/02/2011ICS PAS, Warsaw
Semantic Summarisation in RDF-graphs BW/SI/02/2010MPII, Saarbruecken
Web Mining in Internet Advertising ST/SI/04/2009AdOcean Sp. z o.o.
Simple Focused Web Crawler BW/SI/O3/2009ICS PAS, Warsaw
Web user behaviour analysis ST/SI/03/2008Gemius S.A., PUT Poznań
Automatic methods for search engine spam detection ST/SI/06/2007Yahoo! Research Barcelona, JRC Ispra, PUT Poznań
Analysis of search engine query logs ST/SI/06/
Evaluation of the novel link-based RBS ranking algorithm BW/AI/03/2005Gemius S.A. and
Crawling large collections of Web documents ST/AI/03/2005
Automatic content classification of Web documents ST/AI/03/2004
Analysis of the methods of ranking Web documents BW/AI/01/2004
Measurements and models of the Web graph PJ/AI/03/03Inst. of CS, PAS, Warsaw

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