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Below, are some invited lectures/talks that I gave outside PJAIT (not counting conference presentations):
  1. "The Concept and Applications of Diversity in Recommendation, Search and Related Information Selection Tasks" , School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide, Australia, September 2014
  2. "Diversity and its Applications in Search, Summarisation and Related Information Selection Tasks" Big Data Institute, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, June 2014
  3. "Kleingberg's Impossibility Theorem for Clustering" ICS PAS Seminar, Warsaw, Poland, November 2010
  4. "Diversum: Diversified Entity Summarisation on RDF-graphs" D5 group of MPII, Saarbruecken, June 2010
  5. "Introduction to Ordered Information, Social Preference Theory and Rank Aggregation with Applications" Trinity College Dublin/University College Dublin, Ireland, March/April 2009
  6. "Applications of String Distance Metrics to Lemmatisation and Entity Matching in Polish" Trinity College Dublin/University College Dublin, Ireland, March/April 2009
  7. "Optimising Topical Query Decomposition" Trinity College Dublin/University College Dublin, Ireland, March/April 2009
  8. "Recent Results in Machine-Learning Approach to Search Engine Spam Detection", talks for researchers and doctoral students at School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin, Ireland, January 30-31, 2008
  9. "The Phenomenon of Web Spam", invited lectures for undergraduate and graduate students, Computer Science Department, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, February 5-6, 2008
  10. "Web Spam Detection", (with Carlos Castillo, Yahoo! Research, Barcelona), NATO-ASI Workshop "Mining Massive Data Sets for Security", Gazzada, Italy, 13.09.2007
  11. "Large-Scale Search Engines", "Selected Topics in Web Mining", National University of Ireland, Maynooth - Dublin, May 2007
  12. "Web Information Retrieval - an Introduction", "Introduction to Link Analysis - PageRank", University of Westminster, London (Harrow School) and University of Bedfordshire, London-Luton, April 2007
  13. "Web Searching and Data Analysis" (in Polish), invited talk during the 6th Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Conference, CPI, Warsaw, Poland, 11.04.2006
  14. "Link Analysis in Web Searching", Computational Linguistics Colloquium, Saarbruecken University, Germany, 28.07.2005
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